Men Skin Tumours Detection

Skin Tumours Detection

What is skin tumor detection?

The first step in treating skin cancer is proper diagnosis. This requires your doctor to remove a small tissue sample (a biopsy) from the suspected site. A specially trained dermatopathologist examines the biopsy to determine if cancer is present and if so what type. When your skin cancer is biopsy-confirmed, your dermatologist will recommend the treatment options best suited to your skin cancer type based on the location, size, and features noted on the biopsy specimen.Melanoma is considered the deadliest form of skin cancer and is caused by the development of a malignant tumor of the melanocytes.  The objective of the skin cancer detection project is to develop a framework to analyze and assess the risk of melanoma using dermatological photographs taken with a standard consumer-grade camera.

Benefits :

Learning what to look for on your own skin gives you the power to detect cancer early when it’s easiest to cure, before it can become dangerous, disfiguring or deadly.