Mesotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Loss

Mesotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Loss

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment; It employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic preparations, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into subcutaneous fat.

Hair mesotherapy is a method of healing that aims to prevent hair loss in men and women, increases the density of hair formation and provides options to prevent male spillage and opening. It is a process that regulates proteins, vitamins and other nutrients in the scalp.

Mesotherapy usually requires a series of anywhere between 3–15 treatment sessions, administered at 2-week intervals.

Conditions Treated: Loss of glow, Dull skin, Loss of tone & elasticity, Loss of volume, Superficial lines & wrinkles, Hair thinning, Stretch marks.

Benefits of Thread lifting:

  • Completely rejuvenates the skin.
  • Increases the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  • Improves tone and elasticity of sagging skin.
  • Increases the skin’s complexion and radiance.
  • Prevents the wrinkles and rejuvenates the dull skin.

Possible side effects:

Because mesotherapy is administered directly to the desired area, it is believed that side effects are limited or reduced. Reported side effects of mesotherapy include:

  • Immediate or delayed allergic reaction to the injected drugs/solutions
  • Lecithin is known to cause inflammation and swelling
  • Skin infections
  • Pigmentation at the injection site
  • Bruising at the injection site